Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

It’s hard to argue with social media as a marketing tool. With the way postings of photos, live videos, sharing updates in the goings on in people’s lives, social media can be a huge boost in lead generation. Email marketing has also become ever more important to digital marketers. Both have their benefits and it doesn’t necessarily mean you should use one method over the other. Running campaigns using either strategy can yield tremendous results to your marketing efforts.

The Case For Email Marketing

Compared to “old school” offline marketing strategies like print postal mailings and telesales campaigns, email squashes both in efficiency. Typically, you can have a marketing communications email piece in less than 2 hours. You can write new copy, use an existing template, insert new graphics, and hit send. Compared to weeks, you can accomplish a new campaign in hours.

Email messages are also sent out in real time or the same day to improve efficiency. This helps with same day promotions or 2 day promotions. You can also personalize messages and speak to your customers in a very personalized and intimate way that is not possible with social media.

Email marketing also lends itself to more frequent communications with your prospects or target audience. Testing also becomes much easier when you can send out emails with different copy, images, and subject line. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the ability to track sales and user engagement. You can track how many opens, clicks, specificity in links, spam complaints and other things.

The Case for Social Media


Social media is great for getting in front of audiences that are highly targeted and do it quickly. You can also get right to the most granular of details. Social media can also allow you to be very creative, which can cause a campaign to go viral if people find it “cool” and worth sharing.

As social media is a new and revolutionary marketing tool, it can be integrated with email marketing to give you a powerful 1-2 punch. You don’t have to use just one strategy. Be smart, creative, and test test test. But, truly, the most important thing when it comes to digital marketing is to never give up and to work hard and not procrastinate! As a matter of fact, if I can give you one takeaway in this article, copy and paste that last sentence and use it everyday!